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Western Records Destruction | Secure Shredding

Confidential records can be dangerous-especially when you throw them away! Sensitive papers that have become obsolete, copied to microfilm or replaced should never be thrown away. Their complete destruction is the only way to be sure they will never return to haunt you! Start a paper shredding program today.

• customer mailing lists
• sales forecasts
• bank statements
• personnel records
• confidential memos and letters
• research and development reports
• cancelled checks
• payroll information

• sales reports
• cost estimates
• bids and quotations
• accounts receivable data
• new product proposals
• production reports
• inventory reports




Services range from on-site document destruction, scheduled security container services, offsite document destruction, one-time service call, etc


Western Records Destruction offers a variety of locking collection containers suitable for any situation where confidential material is generated.



Whatever the level of sensitivity, all of your confidential material is treated with the same utmost care.


Count on Western Records Destruction, Inc. for the secure destruction of all of your confidential records!
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