Our Services

On-Site Document Destruction: 
Our self-contained mobile shredding trucks will shred your documents at your place of business. Our NAID certified personnel shred your material without interfering with your daily operations. You may, of course, witness the shredding at all times. The material is destroyed beyond recognition, reconstruction and readability. Upon completion, you are issued A Certificate of Destruction certifying the time and date your materials were destroyed. The obliterated material is brought back to our secure warehouse where it is baled.

Western Records Destruction offers On-Site shredding services to meet your needs.

Scheduled Security Container Service:
We offer a selection of locking containers for secure storage of discarded incidental records at no charge. We then service the containers weekly, every two weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Purge Service (bulk clean-out): Once stored records have met the end of their retention schedule, they need to be destroyed. We can shred any amount of stored material at your location for those needing one time or occasional shredding service. One box or 10,000 boxes, we can accommodate your needs. For Home Office or Residential Shredding, we will dispatch a truck to your residence on a day when we are in your area. Choose from Off-Site service or On-Site by our mobile shredding trucks. No need to remove paper clips, staples, binders, etc.

Off-Site Document Destruction: 
Boise Location Only Western Records Destruction offers Off-Site shredding as a more economical alternative for clients that do not require destruction on-site.  Material can also be dropped off at our locations for shredding, call or email us for individual location hours/rates.

Scheduling Options:
We also offer flexible service options

Scheduled Pick-Ups:
We can pick up material as often as necessary. The great majority of our clients have scheduled pick-ups; ranging from daily to weekly, biweekly, and monthly. You don’t have to worry about your containers overflowing or remembering to call for service. On-Call: Year end, moving, one time purges, file clean outs and more. We can shred documents directly from any container, bankers or file boxes, then return them to you for re-use. Usually, we are able to respond within 24 hours of a service request.

One Time Service:
We service many clients who use us just once as well as companies who need to shred regularly.

Free Secure Collection Containers:
To make certain your records are inaccessible while they're awaiting destruction, Western Records Destruction offers a full line of security containers, free of charge, to collect and protect your documents between service calls. These attractive containers blend in with any decor and provide the ultimate protection from prying eyes and hands. Whether you need one, or one hundred containers, our personnel will collect the contents for on-site confidential destruction. We can arrange a regular pickup schedule, offering you another valuable service to save you time, money, and increase your security.

Destruction of Other Materials:
In addition to paper materials, we are capable of destroying Hard Drives,microfilm, microfiche, x-rays, credit cards, pharmaceutical pill bottles as well as all types of electronic media such as CD-ROM’s, floppy disks, reel-to-reel tapes, VHS and audio tapes.

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